Winning the Game?


I could never understand a fear of competition. Healthy competition creates progress, stimulates our minds and pushes forward.  Like going shopping for a perfect partner to a market – we know that in order to beat the others we have to look and act our best. If it was not for those other mediocre players, we would not emerge as a great catch as there would not be a stimuli to do so.

If it was not for Harvard, no other school would care to improve the quality of its programs.

Those who can compete with confidence win the game.

Having a job and going to a career fair or a networking event definitely gives you an advantage over those who are looking for a job. You are there to mingle and explore your options. You are not really desperate to land a new job so you project this confidence that attracts others to you. You are there to evaluate an opportunity that might come along. Why not?

Like being in a steady relationship and going out without your significant other. You really don’t give a shit, so you are fun, flirty, and almost available. It is because you are not looking for anything as at the end of the night you know that you will go home to get under the warm covers of that someone special you no longer have to impress.

And throughout the ages and centuries, we will be always attracted to those who appear not to be looking for anything as it is the mysticism “of WTF is going on” that draws our attention.


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