Seoul Searching or a Korean Spa Adventure

At the age of modern technology, there is no longer a need to travel across the world to experience something new – I thought to myself and teleported to Seoul in a search for inner peace.

Located in the questionable neighborhood, King Spa & Sauna unquestionably rejuvenated my body and cured my brain.  For only $18 entrance fee, I traveled through nine distinct sauna rooms absorbing the traditions of the far east.

Somewhere between the Yellow-Soil Crystal Room and the Gold Pyramid sauna, I ordered dumplings (I must have been Asian in my previous life) from the King Spa cafe.  The evening ended with the acupressure massage offered by the bath house for $70. The massage is designed rather for a stressed body and tense shoulders, so I would not recommend it for relaxation purposes. I felt like my body was deconstructed and reassembled into a collage of muscles in pain. Comforting the sore spots at the Oxygen Room around 2 AM I decided to call it a night and travel through time back to my bedroom.


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