Crazy and the City

I am not sure why I could never describe my favorite faces or places. My words suddenly stumble and get stuck in a doorway of my brain. In any case, I had a fabulous time in New York over the past weekend. The weather was perfect and the city welcomed me with its usual creative spirit.

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s work was still in MoMa and I got to discover the world through his photographs taken decades ago. The exhibit shared a floor with a woman interrupted,  Marina Abramovic, who’s work I believe scared me for life. The “Sex and the City” episode where Carrie and Petrovsky meet at a gallery to check on a starving artist appears almost romantic in comparison with the Abramovic’s current state of affairs. The woman cuts herself, burns herself, takes pills to induce a catatonic state, massages her breasts continuously on a video as part of an ancient rain-making ritual… the list is endless. And she calls it art.

As if I did not have enough of craziness during that day I decided to check out Fuerza Bruta in Union Square.  Perhaps, if I were heavily infused with drugs, I’d really get the point behind the plot-less show. A few mimosas simply could not awake my futuristic imagination, so I stood in the middle of the dark theater-club room guessing who was having the most fun. Probably the DJ in a crazy Victorian wig while spraying the audience with water.

Later that evening D. and I had chocolate and wine at Ayza and set the mood for dinner at Asia de Cuba. The night turned out to be quite poetic – the city, the full moon, bridge and a light kiss of a fresh river-side summer breeze.

It’s already summer, I thought and smiled. Time doesn’t wait. Doesn’t stop even for a second. I suddenly wanted to hold on to this very moment of romance and the city.

Next morning fresh bagels (I do love bagels!) and coffee at a local shop woke me up as I was getting ready for a stroll in one of my favorite neighborhoods.  Local galleries, boutiques, and artists on the intersections of Mercer, Prince, Spring create a dreamy atmosphere reminding me to learn how to paint.  When the heat calmed down and the sun started heading west, D. and I rented bikes for a ride around Central Park.

That’s what I like about New York – anything is possible – it’s a constant progress, constant change. And you just never know what or who is waiting for you around the corner.


One response to “Crazy and the City

  1. Sounds wonderful and dreamy. I could almost smell the bagels.

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