Stevie’s new toy caught even my attention and I added it to my travel bag. Yes, I finally bought the fashionable iPad! It was quite a day deciding on “to buy or not to buy” because I wanted to make sure I get the perfect fit for me. Turns out, there is always a catch.

– Unlimited data plan. AT&T will no longer be offering it for iPads as of June 7. However, if you buy your iPad before June 6th, you will still qualify for the unlimited plan. Catch: going forward, if you decide to cancel the plan, you will lose your unlimited freedom for good.

– AT&T, however, will be providing pay as you go option – a.k.a prepaid data card. Catch: valid for 30 days only without any roll-over options.  More on data plans can be found here

– Roaming. Careful when traveling abroad. In countries where 3G actually works, the rates for the data services are almost astronomical.

– Sync or file transfer from iPad to a laptop can be done only via iTunes. USB is not an option which is a bit annoying.

– Photo editing is also not an option, but there is no iMouse for iPad so I can live with that.

– However, there are many great features for a gypsy like myself and iPad will satisfy my nerdy needs with movies, music, books, etc.

After going back and forth, I acquired 32GB iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G. Hackdna, would not have done it without you!


3 responses to “iPad

  1. Oh wow! Had no idea you were even thinking about it given it took you years to actually hook up your blackberry to your e-mail. 🙂 Can’t wait to see it cause as of now, I honestly don’t “get it”.


  2. ha ha, I’m finally climbing out from under the rock:)
    iPad is actually my belated birthday gift.

  3. As a techie blogger I must say that iPad satisfies my hunger for technology and it’s really worth the price.

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