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Life of my Dreams

Difficult not to feel disappointed when you learn that your closest friends think your life has no path, no plot and represents a cobweb of stories. Especially when you have always been there for them, listening and supporting.

Maybe not agreeing, but never judging.

The old me would get mad, try proving that my life has a path and I’m confidently walking it. Today, I simply feel sad just for a moment, then smile and continue my journey as I know – I no longer have to prove anything to anyone but myself.

Perhaps, my non-traditional trail raises a few skeptical eyebrows, but I’ve learned to accept my inner gypsy and feel comfortable in my colorful skirts exploring the world, playing my guitar and singing my songs.

Perhaps, the judgment is the result of our inability to relate as we don’t truly understand problems of others until we walk in their shoes. In a way, I am lucky to have a colorful array of friends composed of different personalities, who make me see things outside the box.  It is through arguments that we learn each other better and understand that each of us has his own life to live.

Life of our dreams according to us, not to our friends, family, or society.


New Direction

An old Italian custom encourages to throw your old things out the window to symbolize your readiness to accept the New Year.  Being a true fashionista and an admirer of Italian style, I spent the last day of this year cleaning out the 2009 closet. While my friend was soaking her feet in the Pacific ocean, I sipped mojito and enjoyed sunny December 31st at George’s in La Jolla, CA. I decided to leave all my heartaches, broken promises, unfulfilled dreams, and tears in 2009 and get ready for a new adventure in 2010. Life is too short and too beautiful to be spent in misery. Nothing could affect my spirits. Not even a phone call from my past that I was trying to escape…..

Later that night we joined our friends at the W in downtown San Diego. The crowd was rather interesting and I only wished I had my camera to capture the mess at a well-known hotel. However, after a few drinks I danced the night away, embracing 2010.

The next day we explored San Diego and stumbled upon Balboa park with several museums, restaurants, and small houses that represented different countries.

After doing some shopping and damaging our bank accounts, we met our friends in Basic for delicious pizza and drinks. The place is simple, perfect for lounging, dancing, and having a good time till 2 AM. Oh, did we drink!

This trip was exactly what I needed – drama free, sunny, relaxing atmosphere. I felt cured and ready to conquer the year of 2010. Happy New Beginnings!